Hi, I’m Steph - thanks for stopping by!

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m based in NYC and can often be found being creative and frivolous. When I’m not working in customer experience and social media at my tech startup day job, I’m usually:

  1. Congregating around some body of water (even if it’s just Astoria Park).

  2. Forcing my boyfriend to try weird food with me.

  3. Pretending I’m able to play the ukulele I’ve owned for 5 years.

  4. Loafing around at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

  5. Recording my podcast, Tin Foil Hats, with my co-host and best pal, Steph Lopez.

  6. Reading other people’s tarot cards.

  7. Writing articles and blogposts here, there, and everywhere.

  8. Enjoying shared custody of Elvis, my chubby hound dog currently residing with my parents on Long Island.

Enjoy clicking around and getting to know me! I’m always looking to freelance, so feel free to contact me with any inquiries regarding writing, producing, social media, video editing, etc. Cheers!