Adventuring Through Ixtapa

I sort of had an epiphany the other day.

Why am I not making videos for this blog yet?

I was recently sorting through some of my camera roll from the past couple months and spent a lot of time on my photos from my last trip down to Ixtapa, Mexico in February. This place holds a really special place in my heart because I’ve been there three times. My friends with timeshare connections down at Pacifica Resort have been generous enough to invite me down there to the cliffside complex right on a gorgeous open bay.


Our days were filled with fresh tropical fruits for breakfast, days spent relaxing in the pool or swimming the in the ocean, and reuniting with old friends. Our nights were fueled by tequila, and laughs, and dance battles, and midnight swims. There’s something about revisiting a place like that and having feel little more like home every time. And while we’ve gotten to know the staff as well as some of the other guests, there are always new things to see in our resort town of Ixtapa and the larger fishing town it’s a municipality of, Zihuatanejo.

I decided that out of all the keepsakes and journals I tend to keep from my travels, videos capture those memories the best. This video was taken on a wide angle action camera *similar* to the GoPro (but this one only cost me around $40 instead of $200+) from random shots I compiled over the week I spent there a few months ago. I basically only shot things when I remembered to, and passed the camera from one person to another to get as many candids as I could - and I think that’s why I loved the final product.

I definitely have to decide how I want to divide up my content; I want to vlog as much as possible, but don’t wanna let these posts fall by the wayside. Until I figure something out, please give this video a watch and subscribe to my Youtube channel to keep track of when new videos come out! I have some great ideas for New York and beyond this autumn, and I can’t wait for you all to come along with me.